Robert Papworth Phil Borrett 'Jet Black 3'

'Since we started working with Garry two years ago we came to realize he is not only the sourse of endless knowledge and motivation but also a great guy to work with on any level. His facility based in the South West of France has it all in an inspiring and relaxing location. We highly recommend in every way'

Bob Saporiti - Former Sr. VP / General Manager, Warner Bros. Records Nashville.

“In the current environment of digital do-it-yourself musical albums, the quality control mechanisms of the past have lessened much to the chagrin of this and many other listeners. However, the efforts of Garry King and Paul Jupe remain worthy of attention from the most discriminating of music lovers at this time, pastimes and forever into the future, as this is music of the highest quality” 

David Bach - Former Vice President at Forefront Records, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records Nashville.

“World class songs, world class playing and world class production”

Robert Papworth Phil Borrett

Robert Papworth Phil Borrett