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The studio houses some of the top gear on the market and in our industry from both the drum and recording side of the business. However we don't have racks or loads of unnecessary gear pushing the recording rates through the roof, we just have what we feel we need to get a great drum sound for your final mix.

Recording, Editing and mixing is done in the 'In the Box' as we say, i.e. using products like Waves, Oxford, SSL, and Steven Slate Vst plugins/effects inside the computer and the amazing Magix Samplitude Pro X3 Suite as the main recording and editing workstation.

This gives the control needed to do anything that the imagination can come up with - Magic!

In House Drums

Drums - Sonor, Remo, Pearl

Standard Size Toms 8 though 16
Short Stack Toms -10,12,14,16
Kicks -22x20 and 2x20x18
Snares -10x5 Steel, 13x5 Wood, 14x3 Composite, 14x6.5 Maple and Brass 14x5.5 Maple 14x6.5 composite custom

Cymbals - Sabian with many variations and effects

Drum Heads - Main choice Evans Emad, 360 G2 and G1 plus Remo and Luen.

Sticks - Vic Firth

Pedals and Hardware - Gibbraltar and Sonor




DAW - Samplitude ProX 3

Michrophones - Cad, Shure, AKG with the usual suspects SM57s, D112 etc

Monitors - ADAM AUDIO A77X, Auratone 5C Super Sound Cubes, Bang & Olufsen Redline

Headphones - KRK and Shure

VST's - Waves. Steven Slate, Oxford, Samplitude

Interface - Midas and PreSonus

Mic Preamps - DBX, Grace Design, Art, Midas

Recording Rooms and Drums

  • Room 1 - 5.5 x 4 mtrs - Main Control Room

  • Room 2 - 11.5 mtrs x 6.5mtrs not including alcoves- Live room, tiled floor/wood with movable control paneling. Room can be sized down as needed





Main room layout in meters 11x8 (Into Alcoves) approx


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